• If you have read this blog before then you already know how much I love the James Brown “funky like” art of Sanford Greene, well Sanford along with Shaft writer (shut yo mouth) David Walker have re-teamed the famous mismatch Heroes for hire and put them in the of mob war for the rights to who gets to run organized crime Harlem (is that still a prize?) and the Bronx.The fun part of reading this story is realizing in capable hands all of Luke Cage’s old enemies don’t come off as offense as they use to when I was a kid Mr. Fish, Cockroach, Cottonmouth, at one time or another all of these character have made black people groan at the sound of their names but in David Walker hands they come off like living breathing characters who feel like they just stepped out of Dick Tracy’s rogues gallery of weird villains throw in Spider- Man’s old girlfriend Black Cat and Runaways Alex Winter and you have a fun crime book too bad Marvel is going to break up the team in April when Luke Cage goes solo, so I advise you to enjoy it while you can                                             


  •  I can say this with say with a straight face Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the best book Marvel is producing today, why! Because this book almost has no negatives,this book is so enjoyable and original, I kept looking at the cover to be sure I was reading a Marvel comic book, Lunella (Moon Girl) Lafayette is the smartest person in the Marvel universe, not Reed Richards, not Bruce Banner nope that title is going young Lunella also did I also mention she’s a Nine year old Black girl from the lower east side, yup shit done changed up in here son.Reading Lunella adventures is like reading old school Spider-man she has problem in school(she’s way too smart for the 4th grade ), love problems (she has no time for that ) and her best friend is a rampaging dinosaur trust issues (he very proactive of her ) Lunella is a Inhuman(she can switch her mind with Devil Dinosaur) but don’t let that scare you away from reading this book because her power is secondary this book is built on brain power unlike most book with superheroes in it never lets you forget Lunella is a child and despite her superhero nickname of “Moon Girl” we never forget that is she is more likely going to out think her villains than she is going to physically beat them up in a fight,shit that is what the Dinosaur is for.


  • Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel along with Nova,Miles Morales:Spider-man and the new / old X-men (sic)represent the new wave of heroes at Marvel comics debuting four years ago Kamala was may have been introduced to us with a old name belonging to the woman we now know as (Captain Marvel) but with a new approach to how she got her powers a different look at her family life.At this point let me get rid of the least interesting thing about this book Ms Marvel is a Inhuman (jeez another one) the Terrigen mist which is stalking the Marvel universe like Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake dosed Kamala giving her the power to stretch and shrink parts of her body,a big fan of Captain Marvel going way back to a time when she used to be called Ms Marvel Kamala take the name and goes out to fight crime in her hometown of Jersey City. She joins the Avengers, joins the Champions (with Nova, Miles Morales and a young Cyclops, of X-men fame) and joins the Inhumans just by being born. All of Ms Marvel adventures in costume are all great little stories none of them so great to recommend this book on any other day, no the reason to recommend this book would be to read the life of Kamala Khan out of a costume, the first Muslim hero to lead the a book at the Marvel,writer G.Willow Wilson knew with her lead being a teenage Muslim woman living in an American city she was going to have to give her heroine a three dimensional background because as Kamala is learning to be a hero the reader is going to have to learn how hard that is for her to do her household can’t be compared to someone like Peter Parker I don’t I ever seen Peter have to go to church to pray then go kick Doc Ock ass right after or watch him get patted down at the airport just because his last name is Parker, but as a reader we see Kamala go through these things and that makes her world more real because it’s the world we live in now. As a reader one of things I look forward to seeing is how Marvel deals with Ms Marvel balances her the old tradition of her culture with her new culture of being a inhuman living in a post nine eleven world she was doing well before but Donald J Trump is the President and we know how he feels about Muslims I think that the next couple of years “real life”is going to make this comic more interesting to read than the one where the hero is beating up lame villains and crying over not getting a date.


  •  The next book is called Tephlon Funk ( by creators STEPHANE METAYER CREATOR | WRITER,DAVID TAKO ILLUSTRATOR | CHARACTER DESIGNER,NICOLAS SAFE ILLUSTRATOR | BACKGROUNDS,JAMES STANLEY STORYBOARDS | ANIMATION LAYOUTS, I picked picked this up at the Schomburg Black comic festival after seeing free previews of the comic all over the internet,So let me start with this right away this is one beautiful book it is well put together it gives you the art and history of the comic Tephlon Funk. This book gives you all of the early designs and ideas for the look for the book you get,character designs, ideas for t-shirts, storyboards for a animation cartoon, it gives a showcase to all of the principal artist of Tephlon Funk, we get to see how much love everyone in involved has love for the brand called Tephlon Funk this book is heavily influenced by Japanese Manga/Anime culture online Tephlon Funk has been compared to Cowboy Bebop (fair or unfair) so a lot of pressure has been put on this book to not only look good but to have a great story to go along with it and it’s with that’s where we run Into a problem because out of a 100 pages we get what 30 pages of actual story that’s it you pay $30 dollars or was it $25 dollars for a fucking promotional book for the next volume where it’s promise (I guess) the actual story is going to take place (fingers crossed). Now surely you must be asking me come on son “ain’t nobody gonna put all that effort into a putting together a beautiful advertisement book but forget to make the movie that the advertisement book is based on,” yes muthafucka that’s what I’m saying. Based on the the 30 pages of story this what I can tell you about Tephlon Funk, it has four main characters all come from the four major boroughs (fuck you Staten Island) in New York City you get three women and one male (I’m not gonna bore you with names). The two women have criminal backgrounds, one of the criminals knows Kung fu, the other wants to get into the drug game, the third woman is a cop with a past (shit who doesn’t), the male has a Afro and is after the top drug dealer( who everyone either wants to work for or put in jail) stole his weed,called Tephlon Funk, and he’s mad about it, THAT’S IT! That is the whole fucking story for 30 pages, this was Kickstarter book so that means it’s backers paid for a to be continued book, because after 30 pages of story and maybe 80 pages of filler we have no idea who the character are or why the hell we should even give a fuck about their motivations (I don’t) I will say it again this book is beautiful if it was just a art book for an existing story that has been published/completed I would highly recommend this book as celebration of Tephlon Funk (the Japanese comic industry does books like this all the time ) the art is so good that maybe later when the story finally kicks in and it’s good I could see recommending Tephlon Funk but as of right now I can’t right now the story isn’t “ Funky” it just stinks.

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