Do you like toys? Do you like apparel? So do we at Confessions of a Black Nerd, so this week we’re going to find you some of the coolest shit on the internet so enjoy 

  • Star Trek Transporter 12oz Heat Changing Mug


You get to be a member of the transporter room crew when you add a hot beverage to this Star Trek Transporter Heat Change Mug. Watch Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, and Dr. McCoy slowly disappear from the transporter pad on one side of the mug and reappear on the planet surface on the other, faster than you can say, “I’m a doctor, not a barista!” But don’t worry, they’ll return to the ship as the mug cools. Presumably to get more coffee. This mug is hand wash only, but is microwave safe. Do not soak. It holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage, though we recommend you stay away from the Romulan ale. You will thank us later.

Product Specifications

Star Trek Transporter Heat Change Mug

Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise

Hot beverages cause crew members to transport from one side of the mug to the other

Ideal for Starfleet Academy cadets, or transporter crew members-in-training

Beverage must be hot to cause the change

Crew members include Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, and Dr. McCoy

Capacity: 12 ounces

  • POP Stranger Things Vinyl Figure – Upside Down Will – ThinkGeek Exclusive

Some of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ grew up in the 80s, and Stranger Things hit all the right warm fuzzy spots for us. From the set dressing to the intro credits, everything just feels right – like it’s transported us back in time to when bikes were how we got around and our biggest responsibilities were homework and chores. It probably doesn’t hurt that this particular monkey’s first Dungeons & Dragons group convened in 1985, and this monkey is in good company in these halls.The characters from Stranger Things have been added to Funko’s already-extensive POP! vinyl line. Our buyer worked with Funko to secure Upside Down Will just for y’all. Don’t get us wrong – we love regular Will, too. But this version with the greyish green skin is far superior.
Product Specifications 
Super-cute Funko POP! variant of Will from Stranger Things

Officially-licensed Stranger Things merchandise 

A ThinkGeek exclusive!

Materials: Vinyl 

Dimensions: 3½” tall 

Ages 3+

  • Star Wars Rey’s Backpack


If you’re a scavenger on a desert planet, you’d better have a reliable source of water, shelter, and good bag with you to carry whatever you find. Since you’re reading this product page, we’re going to guess you have water and shelter covered, but you might not have landed on the right bag yet. Until now. This Star Wars Rey’s Backpack is one of our favorite combinations – a functional piece to add to your wardrobe that doubles as a cosplay. This faux leather backpack is modeled after the one we see Rey wearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It features adjustable straps, a magnetic snap closure on the flap, and side pockets with webbing for any canisters or other assorted salvage you may need to carry. 

Product Specifications 

Star Wars Rey’s Backpack

Officially-licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise

A GameStop & ThinkGeek exclusive!

From Loungefly

Embossed patch features Rey on her speeder

Flap has magnetic snap closure

Adjustable straps

Top handle for grab-and-go action when the Stormtroopers show up

Interior zip pouch

Side pockets for all your canisters and webbing for your flashlight and salvage stuff

Brass-colored metal findings

Materials: Faux leather outer

Exterior Dimensions: 12″ wide x 14″ high x 5″ deep

Interior Dimensions (main compartment): 11″ wide x 10″ high x 3 1/2″ deep

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

Is your teatime a little dull? Don’t you wish you could be sipping tea aboard the TARDIS? We do… but we’ll add that we hope that it’s not choppy on the timestream because we don’t want to scald ourselves. Nothing’s worse than the combination of hot tea and astral turbulence. You’ll really think the TARDIS teapot is bigger on the inside! This ceramic rendition of the Doctor’s sexy time machine holds more than 25 ounces — that’s more than four 6-ounce cups of tea! The lid helps keep the timey-wimeyness heat from escaping, so you’ll be able to enjoy your very British beverage for much longer.

Product Specifications

For the Earth beverage known as tea
Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise

Choose traditional blue or anniversary-edition chrome

Lid helps keep the heat in so you don’t have to reheat between cups

Material: Glazed lightweight ceramic

Holds more than 25 ounces of your favorite tea

Love your teapot: Hand wash only, please

Note: The TARDIS Teapot is not meant to be used on a stovetop. It’s great for office use, where you can fill it from the hot water dispenser and bring it back to your desk for brewing & drinking!

Dimensions: 7″ x 7″, including handle and spout

  • Flash Tech Hoodie


By the very nature of his power, couldn’t everything Barry Allen wears could be considered “athletic wear?” If we had the ability to break into Flash-esque run at any moment, we’d probably consider a three-piece suit to be suitable workout attire. Because let’s face it – we’d be running all the time, everywhere! And then maybe we’d finally start showing up places on time (untrue – we’d actually just start leaving later). Sadly, we’re more likely to be running errands than running off to save the day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little Scarlet Speedster style to our wardrobe. This flashy (YEAH WE SAID IT) high-neck zippered hoodie not only looks good – it’s built for speed. Made from red polyester performance knit, it features thumbholes on the cuffs and a zippered phone pocket on the chest. There are also big kangaroo-style front pockets and hidden interior ones. There are so many pockets you may need to start carrying more stuff! A large outline of the Flash logo is stitched in contrasting yellow directly onto the back (a little off-center, for art). This quality hoodie looks so cool, you’ll want to wear it all the time – while standing still so people can really appreciate the details.

Product Specifications
Flash Tech Hoodie

Officially-licensed DC Comics merchandise 

High-neck red full-zip hoodie with yellow details

Kangaroo-style front pockets, with a zippered chest pocket (for phone) and extra interior pockets. So many pockets, you’ll need more stuff!

Flash logo outline in contrasting yellow stitch on the back

Thumbholes on the cuffs – for running, warmth, and looking cool


Shell: 73% polyester / 23% cotton / 4% spandex

Rib: 62% polyester / 33% cotton / 5% spandex

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold


Fair-trade production environment

  • Batman Bat Symbol Seam Blazer


Bruce Wayne is a complicated individual. He has one of the biggest secrets in the world (*cough* Batman *cough*), and sometimes he just can’t keep it to himself. But, like the good mysterious person that he is, he prefers to hint at his other self. That’s why Bruce loves this Batman Bat Symbol Seam Blazer. Read on, and fall in love yourself. This Batman Bat Symbol Seam Blazer may not be the one Armani made for The Dark Knight, but we’re okay with that. We don’t have $3000 to drop on a jacket. This is a far more reasonably-priced sport coat. As an added bonus, we can show off our love of Batman without having to take it off and point to the label, because our fandom is proudly displayed right on the back. Under the collar is a secret Bat. The seams on the back of the jacket form a Bat symbol, subtly revealing your secret identity.

Product Specifications

Batman Bat Symbol Seam Blazer

Officially-licensed Batman merchandise 

Black 2-button single-breasted jacket

Bat symbol formed by seams on back of jacket (as graphically highlighted in image)

Yellow lining also has your own private Bat symbol

Custom Hero Within buttons

4-button sleeves

Multiple interior pockets

Materials: Polyester / rayon

Care Instructions: Dry clean only.


Fair-trade production environment

  • Bruce Wayne Smoking Jacket Robe 


When we first learned Batman’s origin story, way back in Detective Comics No. 33 in 1939 – in fact, when we witnessed him selecting his name – Bruce Wayne was wearing a smoking jacket. And Adam West’s marvelous Bruce Wayne feels right at home in one. But it doesn’t end there. There’s one on the title splash page for “The Broken Bat” Knightfall storyline. Christian Bale’s Dark Knight wears one. Even LEGO Batman. Whether you’re a wealthy socialite or just a fan, you should feel right at home in this Bruce Wayne & Batman Reversible Lounge Jacket. We think he would. The Bruce Wayne side is a quilted polyester that feels like velvet. The Wayne Enterprises logo is embroidered in gold thread across the back, and there’s an elegant scrolled BW monogram on the front. The Batman side has a sleek satin finish with the logo embroidered on the back and a hood complete with ears and eye holes, in case you have to jump out of bed to stop evil-doers. Because crime never sleeps.

Product Specifications 

Bruce Wayne & Batman Reversible Smoking Jacket Robe

Officially-licensed Batman merchandise 

A combined ThinkGeek & GameStop exclusive

A DC Comics x Underboss creation

One side is Bruce Wayne with monogram and gold Wayne Enterprises logo

The reverse is Batman with a hood that has ears and eye holes

Hood cleverly hides under the collar with an elastic and button system when you’re Bruce Wayne to preserve your secret identity

Perfect for enjoying your brandy and cigars

Also great for a day on the couch streaming Batman: The Animated Series

Front pocket, cuffs, and removable satin belt

Materials: Polyester 

All items can be found at the thinkGeek website @www.

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