Marvel comics just ended its latest bullshit event after the last bullshit event. This one was a mini-series called X-men vs Inhumans, y’know the one that came after the craptastic mini-series Death of X where my favorite X-man Cyclops (why is my favorite, because he’s the only X-man to embrace Xavier dream from day one)died a shitty death from some head cold that the Inhumans death cloud gave him as matter as fact it’s that same “stalker” cloud that’s going around giving X-men the mutant clap or something and it’s going to take the best minds from both races to fuck up this lead to lots of face punching and speeches about morality(Marvel is all about the speeches nowaday) All Marvel fanatics knew from the jump that these two mini wasn’t going to make any permanent changes to everyone’s favorite characters, Cyclops death had been announced over a year earlier all we knew about it was that he was gone and what he did before he died made him the most hated Mutant ever after you read Death of X you realize one what Cyclope did wasn’t that bad because it saved the lives of his people and two he didn’t do it because he was already dead and the Cyclops everyone had been following was a projection from his girlfriend Emma Frost’s mind so that means the most hated mutant in the world wasn’t even real (bloody hell Marvel) such a sad ending to a great character, but that’s what Marvel does today it goes like this out with the old in with the confusion,other observations of the series as well as the X-men and Inhumans in general

The first victim in Marvel’s war with 20th century fox was Cyclops,despite everyone will tell you he was the face of the X-men from day one

If you don’t believe this to be true look at how many ties he has to the extended X-men family (Cable,Rachel Grey,Nathan Summers,Stryfe,Cable’s clone,Hope Summers, Cable’s adopted daughter,Havok,Vulcan,Corsair,his father and about 10 other alternative version of the Summers family if Marvel was smart they should rebrand the X-men the Summers family tree and go make movies 

Thanks to the pissing match between the two companies Marvel is pushing the Inhumans as the new X-men it’s not working out 

The two mini-series highlight the difference between the new mutants and new,new mutants(Inhumans are not mutants,hint,hint) 

What drew people to the X-men was the overall sadness to getting powers that you didn’t ask for or could control, one day you’re a kid who can’t even ride a bike next you’re blowing up buildings shit who wouldn’t be scared that might happen to you 

When the Inhumans gain their powers it’s looked upon as a blessing from the gods and is given a great place to live with a fabulous new family that just loves you can’t you just feel the terror behind that (eye roll)  

Why does everyone trust the Inhumans more than Mutants, even if Cyclops fucked up relations with the superhero community,why would you trust the Inhumans who have a stalker cloud floating around the planet 

I almost forgot that Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel we’re Inhumans

When did Beast stop being fun?

How old is Magneto? 

Also where does he go to the gym that dude has the body of a 20 year old but isn’t he Like 90 years old

Magik carries a sword bigger than Cloud from Final Fantasy does 

Why does Forge look like Tony Stark?

I love how Moon girl showed up Forge dude has always been a weak engineer that’s why all the smart people in the Marvel universe never call his ass 

Emma Frost shows why she was great villain back in the day great to see somebody a Marvel remember that, even if she’s supposed to be on the side of the angels 

Moon Girl is the smart

Inhuman hunting Sentinels sounds fun

Why didn’t somebody just buy giant fans and blow it into space 

Kind of what they did anyway

After 10 issues the two groups in traditional super hero fashion team up to fight a common enemy  

No more new Inhumans for now 

Black Bolt’s mad brother Maximus is working on creating a new cloud

Why doesn’t Black Bolt just kill his trouble making brother 

In the end there is no winners between the two camps everyone came to same conclusion if we work together we can help solve a mutual problem,it took you 10 issues at $3.99 a piece to find that out,fuck you Marvel 
So that’s it for this latest shitfest even but from what I understand the next event is coming I think it’s called Secret Empire where Captain America is tripping old ladies or some dumb shit, I bet the black guy dies or maybe a black Woman, now that would be different(eye roll) muthafucka I swear.As for the future of the X-men and the Inhumans these book will get rebooted in an effort to get more issue number ones money out of the comic public so with that being said PASS!

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