In part one, I discussed the reasons why I made the switch to iPad pro and why I choose Adobe Draw as my first app to review. I’m not going to get back into it, if you’re curious, you read about it ( so what that being said let’s get drawing 

 First thing first let us go over some of the basics

As you can see like other drawing apps Adobe draw has a series of hand gestures to help facilitate your drawing experience 

In the past when you started a new page in Adobe Draw your page size were limited, but with it’s latest update Adobe Draw has added a new feature now you can pick DOCUMENT sizes ranging from web only document to made to print sizes or a custom feature where you can make your own size 

Also new is the layer blend mode if you know about photoshop tools this mode is already self explanatory 

Another new feature is the layer interface 

Now this is something I can really get behind in their latest update Adobe Draw add a Area fill for all the artist like myself that find coloring by hand taxing now you can press down in a closed section and auto fill it to save yourself time when drawing (remember that it’s coming up later)

Now before we get started i’m going to show you one more thing,Adobe Draw comes with a guide/perspective feature that you can use to help draw straight line or a line in perspective. We can also rotate the canvas 90 degrees for all you people who don’t know how turn a Ipad (smile) now I won’t be using it this time around but it is still a good thing to know

Okay now that’s out of the way let’s get to the reason why you done come up In here, let’s draw something (or do you want me to rant about how I thought Batman vs Superman was a colossal waste of time…no! Ok let’s draw something )
The first thing you need to do is start a new project so what you are going to do is hit white plus sign right above your settings 

Next you’re going to pick a page size I picked small postcard this was a size I added to when Adobe upgraded it’s app 

As you can see I didn’t sketch my pic out digitally instead I used a old fashion sketchbook (boo) but normally if i was going to do a picture on my Ipad I would start with sketch in Adobe Sketch then bring it into Adobe Draw or you can just sketch it out in pen which is also a option but for now let’s just roll with this  

A feature in the before the upgrade is you can customize your brushes and by customize they mean you can choose from our stock brushes and you can make them get big or small but since the upgrade Adobe Draw has added the new feature of adding Adobe custom brushes from other Adobe programs, so if you have a favorite brush that you use from other Adobe programs by all means enjoy but today i’m just going to use one of the presets 

Now here’s the fun part for me but you might get bored with me talking so i’m gonna shut up while you watch me draw 

Ok so now you got a nice black white picture of the inhumans Medusa and Black Bolt in some type of colorful lovers spat so since it colorful let’s add some color the first thing you want to is make sure all of your open lines are closed next you want you want to duplicate the layer 

Remember when I told you to remember the area fill tool I mentioned earlier well it’s time to use and boy this makes life so much easier than drawing it in( yes lawd) 

I decided at some point that I wanted to add some depth to my drawing so I create another layer make it a multiply using the blending mode and color it in 

The background looks a little bare to so I decide that I want to add a circle so I create another layer then go to the shape tool click in the circle and add a white circle, then I make another layer and make the layer multiply go back to the shape tool click in the area make this circle green 

I now have two perfect circles but they are too small so I click on the layer and a window that allows me to change the size of anything on the layer so I do that 

Now I got two perfectly formed circles why do that unless I have a plan yup I do first I go back to the shape tool and line it up in front of the green circle then I take the eraser tool and erase straight lines from the green circle to reveal the white in the back that’s right i’m fancy 

My two Inhumans look like they are arguing in a insane asylum’s rubber room so let’s add some more color so I add one more layer and move it behind the circles and fill it with orange 

Well here you go a epic snapshot of a relationship in ruin my 

now one more feature that all Adobe apps offer is Behance discover boards where new talent can be discovered  

In conclusion if your goal is to use a tool for your ipad that gives you the complexes of a big time program but is simple enough to use you can teach a small child (or they can teach you kids are so smart nowadays )then you can’t go wrong using Adobe Draw. No it won’t allow you to paint the Mona Lisa using digital brushes but why would you want to that picture is overrated anyway but what it will do is allow to do is put out a professional product that you can sell to clients at the low, low price of zero all the negatives that this app doesn’t have can be fixed by sending it to your Adobe creative suite on your desktop, if you don’t have any of the Adobe creative suite (those mofos are expensive )just know that the work you do with this app can be sent to other apps where you can do further work so don’t be scared of this app just because most free apps usually shit the bed, just get it with the knowledge that Adobe is constantly updating these free Apps so if this App or one of the others don’t do what you want sooner or later it will.

As a bonus look here is my new business card with a picture of Gwenpool drawn using the Adobe Draw App but colored in Adobe Sketch (what’s that hmmm)

I will continue this conversation in part four where contune the journey of my Inhuman couple and take them on the road to another Adobe app called Adobe Comp

But first I want to introduce you to Adobe Draw sister app Adobe Sketch so see you in part three 
Until next time 

Make sure you go read something 

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