If you know me you would know that I am a bit of a asshole and my word ain’t shit even when I’m talking to myself. So nobody should’ve been surprised when I switched to drawing digitally after claiming I would never do it, (the disconnect between hand and eye felt too weird for me). I don’t do it for every drawing, but I’ll say it’s about 95 percent. I made the switch to digital about 7 or 8 years and never looked back. It has gotten to the point that when I sketched on paper and I make a mistake, I start to look for the undo button. The first drawing equipment I got my hands on was a Wacom Intuos tablet from Ebay and just as I predicted the disconnect was too much for me to overcome. Wacom does make a better version of its tablets (the Cintiq) that gives you the feel of drawing on paper and by better I mean (cha ching), with the more expensive version out of the question I started to look for alternatives. I found one in the koran company Yiynova. I love, love my Yiynova tablets I have a 10” and a 19”. Working with those tablets have stepped my game to a new level and might be doing reviews on them later, but right now it’s not about them. So if I LOVE my tablet so much why I am I out there looking for another drawing tablet? That is because the biggest problem I have with them are the fact they are not portable. For years since Apple announced the iPad i’ve been waiting for the day when they were going to take on the Wacom Market thanks to the iPad pro and the iPencil that time is now, (yay finally mofo). Ok so let me run the list of requirements down: you have a tablet with hand and eye coordination, check, portable tablet check, also for the additional price of $99 dollars you have a the most responsive pen I ever seen, check. The only thing missing is a drawing program to make this baby sing, but which one will I choose? Thanks to the Apple App store I have a lot of good choices. 
The industry standard for program for drawing digitally used to be photoshop but I couldn’t get into to it drawing in Photoshop my hands are to shaky for that and all my line looked like I had suffered a stroke or something. I later found out illustrator was more my speed it corrected a lot of the little shaky movements that messed up my photoshop drawings, but sometimes it felt unnatural and limited. Some time later I I switch to Manga studio (now know as Clip studio) it was the perfect fit for me it was as fluid as photoshop but with the hand correction of a vector based program, to this day Clip art is my go to program for drawing a comic,Illustration, etc.
What does this have to do with a blog that’s has the words iPad in the title? I’m glad you asked… the short answer iPad doesn’t have app for Clip art and nowadays I am making the effort to more work on my iPad pro (tablets it’s not just for porn anymore more folks)! Lately carrying my setup to work or a coffee shop doesn’t work for me but what am I to do about not having my precious Clip art (sob), well lucky for me Apple has a app store for that. 
The most famous app for the iPad pro is the App called Procreate this app has ton of features to help the newcomer or the old pro and the cheap price of $4.99 with free upgrades you definitely can’t wrong or I could tell you about the old pro of drawing apps specifically Sketchbook Pro which has a free version with in store upgrades starting at the low price of $21.99(?) and if this was a review of the Procreate, Sketchbook pro apps I would be tell you why these apps might be for you but that is a review for another day. 

Nope! The App I will be reviewing will be two of the free apps from Adobe, Adobe Draw and Adobe Comp. So why did I pick these two Apps and not one of the more famous apps to review first? I picked Adobe draw (and it’s sister app Adobe Sketch) because these two apps reminded the most of when I first started to draw digitally with Adobe Sketch subbing for photoshop and Adobe Draw subbing for Illustrator (did you see what i did there ) the best part for artist with money problems (let’s face it you did just spend rent money to buy your new “toy”) it’s free (with free upgrades), simple to use and integratable with your other Adobe programs on your laptop or desktop.
In part two I will walk you through a drawing and show you how only using Adobe draw that are not only as professional as anything you can do on a desktop but depending on your style can bring you $$

Until next time 

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