I went to the Schomburg’s 5th annual Black comic book festival at the Schomburg center for readership Martin Luther King weekend. (This is straight from the schomburg center’s website):” the Schomburg’s 5th annual Black Comic Book Festival was co-foundered by Deirdre Hollman (Director of Education and Exhibition),Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz and the Offenders),John Jennings (Black Kirby/UC Riverside)and Jonathan Gayles( Georgia State University) so we’re not talking a good mix of creators and educators in other words this isn’t a bunch of nerds pushing comics out of their garage. This was my first year going to the event and the first year it has been expanded to two days (Friday and Saturday)overall I found it to be a positive experience that I would recommend to all comic book lovers of all races,creeds or colors.The following will be my first thoughts of Saturday show only,I didn’t make Friday’s show due to a very real need to pay my bills. 
-Trevor von Eeden might be the angriest man in comics or maybe he’s speaking some ugly truths about a certain civil rights organization 

-The space is too small I hope the museum keeps giving them more space as the event continues to grow

-It needs to grow this is a good thing

The different ages in here might be representing black pride more than comics as art form

-Spider-man is more relevant than Mona Lisa,keep it real we don’t even know that itch’s real name she got a painting done using her club name 

-Lots of parents have that “what the hell is this?” look on their faces the same look my father used to have when I used to drag him to comic cons when I was a kid 

-Did I say how angry Trevor was?

-They need more artist tables 

-The cosplay is in full effect you got two blades,a green lantern,black lightning,Michonne (blade’s younger sister),the cosplayers ran the whole spectrum from the comic world also I got to witness a beautiful young lady dressed up in X-men cosplay with silver dreads,I don’t recognize who the character but she has got my attention (I wonder if she dresses like that all the time) 

-David walker is one honest guy,he’s not gonna be at Marvel comics long(just my option)

-When you go to a black event you will always find whole groups of people who smells like jasmine,dreadlock oil and black power

-Buying independent can be expensive 

-I gave advice to a young brother about getting his shit together and get his grades up,being the next Jack Kirby can wait until after you pass algebra

-The graphic novel adaption of Octavia Butler’s Kindred by festival co-founder John Jennings and Damian Duffy debut at the show (I picked up autograph copy of that bad boy and can’t wait to dig in )

-Brother man sold 750,000 copies independently in 1990

-Dawud Anyabwile discusses how his father activism change his views on comic book heroes and the art form when he realizes that black people were not properly represented in the books he read 

-Brother man was in 500 hundred stories throughout the country 

-Brother man was given life through working with a lot of now extinct black book store

-Tokyo tribe Anime was inspired by Brother man 

-Ariell Johnson (the first black women to own a comic shop in the country ) owner of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse in Philadelphia was at the festival

-Creator Micheline Hess set her story Malice in Ovenland in queens because queens needs love too

-Maia Crown Williams started MeccaCon seven years ago in her hometown of Detroit 

-Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers is paying white artist to “cover up” the growing Black art scene in Detroit 

-Ariell had complaints from a white customer because she a had a book signing with civil rights legend John Lewis (March)

-Regine Sawyer might be the best kept secret in comics 

-I think someone needs to give Maia Crown Williams a television show, a podcast or something this woman has personality for days plus she has the coolest Afro since Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players

-Maia Crown Williams is not a fan of a certain Marvel writer who always seems to find himself writing Black character 

-Eric Orr 1986 created/printed the first Hip Hop comic “Max the Robot “

-Andre Leroy Davis “The Last Word “ a one panel comic strip that ran in the back of The Source magazine from 1990-2007

-Eric Orr once teamed up with art legend Keith Herring in a series of street drawings using his character Max the Robot and Keith’s “Radiant Baby”

-Eric Orr personal work has been featured in Cornell University Hip Hop exhibit and is now a permanent part of Columbia university archives 

-Darryl McDaniels invent the invent the alter ego DMC as a way to cope with a childhood filled with bullying 

-A lot of DMC over the top Adjectives in his lyrics comes from his admiration of Marvel comics writer Stan lee’s over the top Adjectives on the cover of their comics i.e. Things like “The INCREDIBLE” HULK 

-DMC acknowledged that the real originators of Hip Hop were the brothers and sisters that came before them 

-The young sister with the X-man gear and the grey dreads was dressed as Storm and she was fly as you can see below 

That was a quick recap of my time at the festival click the link below to see all that you missed

support the artist/writers and save the date for next year festival I know I will

Until next time 

Make sure you go read something 

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