I read somewhere in the big book on how to write blogs, that when you start a new blog you must introduce yourself to the public in a way that is exciting and intriguing. Well, I have a confession to make to you I am none of those things.
Now before you turn your computer off let me explain I am a NERD, I like sci-fi, play video game, I buy tons of comic books and get into long conversation about why I think “Man of Steel sucked ass but so do a lot of other people.

So why should I read the blogs on your website?
The easy answer would be because I told you to do it (smile). But barring threats to your family I like to think it’s because I will bring a unique perspective to the Nerd world a black perspective henceforth the long title of the website (synergy baby)
I used to have this dream about the moment I came out the closet, and In my dream I would be in a room filled with chairs would be all my family and friends and I would stand up in the middle of the room and clear my throat to say,”I have a confession to make to you all, then my cousin would yell out “yer gay”, no! My would yell out you sleep with the dead” WHAT! No! That’s just nasty, no I just want to say….(dramatic pause)… you don’t know this hard for me to say…..(dramatic pause)…. ah fuck it I-am-a-black-nerd!” Then my family and friends would yell back me yea we already know! Then they turn into zombies and go eat half of New York City, At this point I wake up and I wonder was it worth it eating spare ribs before bed (‘it isn’t)
Sometimes Friends ask me, “Why do you call yourself a Black Nerd? Well let’s see I am black, not African-American (yes it matters,but that’s a discussion for another time) and yes I’m a Nerd, so I don’t understand the question. Sometimes I get but you don’t look like a Nerd, you don’t act like a Nerd, I mean you know cool shit, Hell you don’t even wear glasses so how the hell can you be a nerd? My answer usually is everything that I am is because of Nerd culture for example you say i’m cool well there is no one cooler than James Bond, do you want to know why you don’t see me wearing glasses it’s because I have 20/20 vision (what da fuk), I tell people all the time, ”Nerds have evolved and like it’s been predicted probably by some nerd (i’m sure) they have inherited the world.”
But please understand It ain’t easy being a Black Nerd you got to be able to have intelligent conversation about how the government conspired with drug dealers to flood black neighborhoods with drugs and then next breath discuss why it was important that Han Solo had to shoot first, keeping that balance is harder than a muthafucka.
So how does one become a black nerd? Well first you have to be black (it helps), now I COULD go into a long discussion about the true meaning of what being a Black Nerd means to me but the best way to get to the point is to explain it in a question, Who did you want to be growing up Han or Lando if you said Han then yea you ain’t a Black Nerd, why because black people for decades have always made the best outcome out of a bad situation Lando lost his ship to Han Solo but taking a bad situation and Turning it into something positive, Lando may have lost his ship to Solo but someone else lost a whole planet to Lando,yea that boy Lando is gangster.the second thing is you have to have more than a passing interest in Nerd culture, and no showing up every twelve months to a comic con to see the cast of Buffy the Vampire slayer doesn’t count, you have to live and breathe this shit by that I mean you read the blogs, watch movies/television shows, read the books and yes go to comic shows, if you can do all that then come see me, because this is what I live for.
Ultimately, the real art to being a Black Nerd is just seeing the Nerd world differently from everyone else, Black Nerds call bullshit before it becomes the latest trend (joke), nowadays everyone makes jokes about how the black character dies first in every movie but Black People have been making that point(sometimes directly to the movie screen mind you) for years and thanks to the internet I get to yell out at anyone with a computer screen at least a couple weeks out of the month.
“You know for a person who doesn’t have a lot to say about himself you sure wrote a lot, what’s up with that?” I have another confession to make I use a lot of alternative facts.

Until next time 
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